Sunday, 2 July 2017

Evaluation Week ( 2nd part of work period )

After completion of the 4th week of the coding period, it was the time of my first evaluation. My mentor (Pascal Brandt) gave me the green signal to continue further in this project as a part of GSoC 2017.
This week I worked on improving some of the previously introduced components and also on designing the new patient search component. The patient search component is almost completed this week. I also got the support from my mentor in debugging some of the part of this component's code. My codes were reviewed this week by my mentor and also got some comments on it.

I keep my work on this repository :

I am now providing a gist of the components I have introduced in the openmrs-owa-generator.
This is what my patient search component looks like :

Still more work to be done on this patient search component !!

Other than that, I have used the openmrs-contrib-uicommons library to introduce some of the

components. So, basically we already have :

breadcrumbs component :

notification component :

which shows a toast like this :

translate component :

which translates a specific text in the language specified (as above) !!

Now, I will be working on some improvement of the patient search component and designing some

more components as decided here on the talk :

Further, I will start writing the unit tests for the components after all the above things

(mentioned above) !!


Ankit kumar

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